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May 2018

Holiday in Hampstead 2018

This will be Holiday in Hampstead’s fourth year and we are looking forward to another week of interesting and informative talks, amusing entertainments, music, quizzes, … and much more. Delicious lunches, proper coffee, tea and cake at the end of the day are all part of the week with two big “tea events” as we join our friends at Henderson Court for “Tea at the Ritz” mid week (with popular songs led by members of the  Community Choir) and follow this with Tea at the Vicarage the following day. If you are a member of the retired community and are not planning to fight your way abroad for a foreign holiday, this is somewhere to meet your friends and meet new people, to relax and enjoy yourself.

Booking forms and full programmes will be available shortly at the back of the church or from the parish office, but the most important information is as follows:

Dates: Monday August 13th – Friday August 17th
Time: 11.00am – 4.00pm
Place: Parish Rooms at Hampstead Parish Church
Cost: £10 per day, with reduced charges for half days
Places are limited for lunch so early booking is recommended.

To find out more please talk to Diana Finning, Rosemary Loyd or Sue Kwok - they can be contacted c/o the parish office.

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