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November 2018

Island Hospice and Healthcare Zimbabwe

Alan Brooks

Extracts from the AGM Chairperson’s and Executive Director’s Report 27th September 2018
A Zimbabwe where people access quality Palliative and Bereavement care to reduce suffering and pain and improve the quality of their lives
Island Hospice & Healthcare, being a centre of excellence, provides quality palliative care services and support to those with life threatening illnesses and the bereaved through comprehensive direct care, capacity development, partnerships, research and advocacy.
National Presence
Harare – Continuing to support patients and their families in hospital, at home, and through various outreach clinics despite an often difficult environment
- Re-establishing a presence and the funding operations in Bulawayo,      Mutare and       Marondera
Principal Aims
-    Ensure no one living with and dying from life threatening conditions suffers unnecessarily
-    Create a collaborative environment where health and social care civil society care system flourishes
-    Stop needless suffering for millions of Zimbabweans
-    Build the resilience of more than 1 million young people that have been orphaned or made vulnerable by life limiting illness
-    Train and Empower and upskill the health workforce to support the rebuilding of the health system with a focus on people.
-    Critical shortage of drugs especially morphine
-    Growing number of people in need of services
-    Complex operating environment
-    Finding workable solutions to unique problems
Island Hospice and Healthcare Zimbabwe (supported by Island Hospice and Bereavement Service (UK)) - a UK charity regulated by the Charities Commission, has been a beneficiary of St Johns Charity grants since 2014 and extends an open invitation to anyone visiting Zimbabwe, and who would like to see and understand their operations on the ground. Further details and information about Island may be viewed at

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