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July 2018

July and August

Judy East

It’s Summer – does the word fill you with joy?  Or not?  Does summer conjure up lazy days in the garden or local park?  Or does heat make you miserable?  Is London alive with tourists?  Or so full you can’t bear to go out?  Do you look forward to a holiday?  Or wonder why everyone can have one except you?

Well we can’t do much about the heat or the tourists but we can help over the holiday issue.  Holiday in Hampstead runs for 5 days from 13th – 17th August at a very moderate cost and it keeps you entertained from start to finish with talks on a range of subjects from Russian ballet to Egyptian medicine, you’re fed at regular intervals with delicious home-made food, and all in the comfort of the familiar surroundings of the Crypt, Henderson Court and the Vicarage garden.   Pick up a yellow form in church without delay!

And church is always here.  And it’s usually cooler inside.  If the heat’s getting to you come and sit in the church for a while, chat to some tourists, read a book, it’s really quite a nice place to be on a hot day (or, let’s be realistic, this is Britain after all, a wet one too).

And things don’t grind to a halt in the summer – we have lunchtime concerts on the first Wednesday in July and August and a literary hour in July (not August though because of Holiday in Hampstead); Knit and Natter continues on the second Wednesdays and if you lament the absence of the choir note that Choral Evensong will continue throughout the holiday period!

Opt in / opt out – the mysteries of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
It’s been a great excuse to get off mailing lists, hasn’t it?  Almost as good as clearing out a cupboard.  And what a surprising number of mailing lists I found I was on!   But because the system has been so irregular, some companies asking you to opt in to stay on their list, some requiring you to opt out to get off them, I suspect a lot of us will be wondering over the next few months why we haven’t heard from this or that company.   Don’t let the church be one of them!   Read Peter Ginnings’ article further on this issue and check whether you’ve opted in to receive parish emails – otherwise we’ll have no choice but to remove your name and you’ll never know what delights the autumn has in store!  

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