The Parish Church of St John-at-Hampstead
12th May 2019
        Choral Evensong       Carried and Held by God     Ayla Lepine
5th May 2019
        Parish Eucharist       Follow me     Handley Stevens
        Evensong       Take away the stone     Jeremy Fletcher
30th April 2019
               Vicar's Letter May 2019     Jeremy Fletcher
21st April 2019
        Choral Evensong       Because we are all one: Easter Resurrection and Extinction Rebellion     Ayla Lepine
14th April 2019
        Holy Communion       Holy Week Matters     Jeremy Fletcher
        Choral Evensong       Christ of the Cosmos     Ayla Lepine
7th April 2019
        Holy Communion       Passion Sunday     Jan Rushton
1st April 2019
               Vicar's Letter - April 2019     Jeremy Fletcher
31st March 2019
        Parish Eucharist with Admission to Communion       Motherhood, Nourishment, and Sacrificial Love     Ayla Lepine
17th March 2019
        Holy Communion       Discipline and Glory     Jeremy Fletcher
        Choral Evensong       Possessing the Tree of LIfe     Ayla Lepine
10th March 2019
        Parish Eucharist       The Word is near you, on your lips and in your heart     Handley Stevens
        Evensong       Jonah, The Pharisee and the Tax Collector     Jan Rushton
3rd March 2019
               Vicar's Letter for March 2019     Jeremy Fletcher
        Parish Eucharist       Transfiguration     Jan Rushton
24th February 2019
        Parish Eucharist       Creation and the Glory of God     Jan Rushton
        Choral Evensong       Becoming who God calls us to be     Ayla Lepine
17th February 2019
        Holy Communion       Re-Writing the Heart     Jeremy Fletcher
        Evensong       Agonising with all your heart     Jeremy Fletcher
10th February 2019
        Choral Evensong       From self-serving violence to self-giving love     Ayla Lepine
3rd February 2019
        Choral Evensong       Meeting God in Metaphor     Ayla Lepine
27th January 2019
        Evensong       Called to be a Slave?     Jeremy Fletcher
        Parish Eucharist       He has sent me to proclaim - the year of the Lord's favour     Handley Stevens
20th January 2019
        Parish Eucharist       The Wedding at Cana     Jan Rushton
13th January 2019
        Evensong       Become what you are - living out our baptism     Jeremy Fletcher
        Parish Eucharist       Jesus' Baptism and Ours     Ayla Lepine
6th January 2019
        Choral Evensong       Epiphany and Cana: Manifestations of Jesus     Ayla Lepine
        Holy Communion       Presents for Epiphany - the Giver and the Gift     Jeremy Fletcher

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