The Parish Church of St John-at-Hampstead


The Church teaches that marriage is a special sign of the love and faithfulness that God has for each one of us. So we are delighted that you would like to make your marriage vows before God in a Church of England service. More details about the content of this service are available on the Church of England website.

There are certain rules surrounding eligibility to marry within a particular parish church. You are entitled to have your wedding at St John-at-Hampstead if you live within our parish or attend worship regularly. You can find out which parish you live in by using this street finder.

However there are also new criteria that have made it possible to marry in our church if you have another special connection.

You may get married at St John-at-Hampstead if you:

  • were baptised or confirmed here
  • have lived within the parish at any time for at least 6 months
  • have habitually attended worship here at any time for at least 6 months
or if one of your parents, at any point during your life:
  • has lived in the parish at any time for at least 6 months; or
  • has habitually attended worship here for at least 6 months
or if one of your parents or grandparents was married here.

If you fall in to one of these categories, we can proceed with plans for your wedding. The best way forward is for you to attend one of our services and introduce yourself to the clergy at the end. Alternatively, you can contact the Parish Office.